All Hase stoves

Hase has been making stoves in Trier for 40 years now. We combine state-of-the-art production methods and sound craftsmanship in our manufacturing process, producing stoves that are 100% “made in Germany”. The decision to purchase a stove from Hase brings many benefits. You can be assured that you are getting the best manufacturing quality along with a design that is timeless and a perfect complement to any living space. In the Hase manufactory, our stoves are designed and created with great care and a passion for detail. Every production step is carried out directly by Hase itself.
The ceramic for the stoves is handcrafted using traditional methods, as are the thermal slabs that clad the stove’s fire box, and of course the entire stove itself. With this approach, Hase can ensure that Hase stoves meet the highest standards in quality and design at all times. That makes each Hase stove special and unique. Hase stoves are available in a wide variety of models, forms, shapes and colours. With ceramic or soapstone or in all-steel versions in four different metal colours. Hase has the right stove for any living space, and for low-energy houses as well. Many of our models can be installed and connected as a direct vent stove and are certified by the DIBt (German Institute for Building Technology).