Sendai 155

Height 155 cm · Width 37 cm · Depth 41 cm · Output 3 - 7 kW


Balanced proportions and clean lines, that is what makes our SENDAI 155 stove stand out. The fire can be enjoyed from three sides and the firebox is so convenient to use that you’ll look forward to adding wood. Our specially designed shelf system can be arranged around the stove in any way you desire. Its totally up to you, and you can accentuate your living space with a true gem. You will like that, we’re sure.

Highlights of the SENDAI 155

  • Fire can be viewed from three sides
  • Easy to open from a standing position
  • With flexible, versatile shelf system
  • Available with heat-retaining block
  • Five different heights
  • Approved by the German Institute forBuilding Technology (DIBt) and individually testedfor leak tightness