Sendai 110

Open the door. Stack the wood. Start the fire. That’s especially easy to do with our Sendai stove. You can gaze at the fire from three sides. You decide how high you want your Sendai to be. Everything that a good fire needs, such as firewood, kindling and matches, can be stowed next to the Sendai 110 in open shelves and in a box with a wooden lid. Combine them anyway you like and arrange them in their own individual place right beside the fire.

Height 113 cm · Width 37 cm · Depth 41 cm · Output 3–7 kW · Weight 130 kg

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Highlights of the Sendai 110

  • The Sendai’s clean-lined and striking form with a lower height
  • Double-glazed fire box can be viewed from three sides for a unique fire experience with ultra-low emission values
  • Choice of four metal colours for the stove body
  • Automatic self-closing fire box door
  • Infinitely adjustable air slider ensures efficient combustion, thus saving on wood
  • Fire box with durable heat-insulating, heat-resisting slabs from our own manufactory
  • Solid cast iron fire box floor with rotatable grate for easy and convenient ash removal
  • Flue pipe connection: Top
  • Hase air system connected at the bottom
  • 100 percent “made in Germany” in the Hase manufactory in Trier

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