Sendai 175

Height 175-220 cm · Width 37 cm · Depth 41 cm · Output 3-7 kW


Modell SENDAI 175

This Hase stove will be a big hit. Because you decide how high you want your SENDAI 175 to be in your home. You can raise the height of the SENDAI by adding up to two stove modules. And if you want, you can also equip your SENDAI with a heat-retaining block weighing up to 136.5 kg. You simply cannot get more stove than this. Or a more beautiful design. Enjoy customizing your SENDAI!

Highlights of the SENDAI

  • Large, rounded panoramic window
  • Easy to open from a standing position
  • Stove body can be rotated
  • Fire presentation of up to 225°
  • Steel stove, with ceramic or soapstone
  • Heat-retaining block available
  • Approved by the German Institute for Building Technology(DIBt) and individually tested for leak tightness