Height 147 cm · Width 45 cm · Depth 45 cm · Output 2-5 kW


No matter how your day was, when it ends by relaxing around a stove fire, it was a good day. Because sitting around a nice fire is the best way to fill you with warmth. And energy. Our Lisboa stove makes it twice as easy to enjoy the fire: our handcrafted ceramic radiates very pleasant, cosy warmth, and you can also rotate the Lisboa. Which means you always have a view of the fire. A very practical feature, especially in open living space concepts.

Highlights of the Lisboa

  • Tall, rounded panoramic window
  • Circular shape, completely encased with ceramic
  • Easy to open from a standing position
  • Stove body can be rotated
  • Fire presentation of up to 205°
  • Approved by the German Institute for Building Technology(DIBt) and individually tested for leak tightness